Average Salary

The average salary helps you understand the compensation of your average employee. This is a quick way to check  if your salaries are competitive within your industry, or if your company is meeting internal benchmarks on pay.

Compa Ratio

The compa ratio shows you where your employee’s compensation sits relative to the exact midpoint of compensation over the whole company. This lets you quickly see if an employee is potentially being under or overpaid.

Compensation Fairness

The compensation fairness metric helps you understand how your compensation is benchmarked against the broader market. With this, you can review your compensation strategies and policies with greater insight.

Compensation as a Percentage of Revenue

Viewing compensation as a percentage of revenue shows you how much of the revenue you generate is being spent on paying your employees. This can help you better plan your compensation packages and headcount.

Cost of Hire

This is the amount of money it takes to bring on a new employee. Knowing this, you can better focus your recruiting efforts – and push for meaningful retention strategies to lower the cost of recruitment overall.

Dollars Required to Fix Pay Gap

Understand the monetary cost of creating equity in pay in your organization. This is useful for evaluating your current compensation policies, and setting goals for growth and compensation in the future.

Forecast Salary Based on Hiring Goals and Attrition

This metric helps you understand the salary you’ll need to offer new employees in order to be competitive in the market. It takes into account your current growth goals and the attrition rate at your company – now, and forecasted.

High Performers Compa Ratio vs Others

See if your high performers are being paid above or below the midpoint. Use this to evaluate and allocate budget during promotion cycles. This can help meet retention goals and avoid attrition among high performers.

Number of Employees Above/Within/Below the Band

Seeing the number of employees within banded pay structures helps you understand the compensation windows for your company. See if your compensation strategies need to be reviewed.

Pay Equity Gap

This complex analysis uses data from multiple streams to identify pay equity gaps in your organization.

Total Compensation

See an accurate picture of an employee’s full compensation package. This metric combines their annual salary, bonuses, cost of benefits, and equity.