Achieving Data Nirvana

How Nuro simplified their analytics and unified their sources with eqtble




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Nuro is on a mission to better everyday life through robotics. With Nuro's eco-friendly, safe, autonomous delivery that gives valuable time back to its users, it is safe to say time is precious to the founders and employees at Nuro. Nuro was recently ranked as one of the Top Startups to Work For by LinkedIn.

As their workforce grew to support the needs of their business, they realized their people systems were fragmented with no clear source of truth. Additionally, Nuro was beginning the process of migrating from Paylocity to Workday and needed to make sure the data from the old system was not lost, the old data mapped to the new system’s data, and the new system integrated within their reporting infrastructure.

No Single Source of Truth

With Nuro's growth over the past year, they had to start putting the right foundations in place to prepare for the next growth stage. Fast-growing startups tend to wait until it is too late in their journey to build a strong foundation to effectively and consistently measure critical employee metrics.

With the migration happening, Nuro’s talent and analytics teams were under extreme pressure to create a single source of truth while also building for the future. Migrating from Paylocity to Workday, the team had to map the old data to the new, build the API connections for the new system, and model the data to fit the dashboards they had in place based on the old HRIS.

On top of all of this, Nuro’s needs were growing and leadership was asking to connect HRIS to ATS to engagement/performance data.

It was a tall task for any skilled team and given the time requirements, and the number of data sources involved, Nuro and eqtble formed a partnership.

Jonathan Lydon

Head of Recruiting

“One of the advantages of Eqtble has been how quickly the team is able to iterate as things change.  We've migrated from Paylocity to Workday while trying to stand up Eqtble and we were able to do so effectively with clear direction and feedback from the Eqtble team.”

Nuro Achieves Data Nirvana

Using eqtble, Nuro was able to connect to all of their data sources, map all of the old data to the new data without losing a single datapoint, quickly access metrics in real-time, and start making data-driven decisions about their employees. In addition, eqtble enabled the Nuro team to take the metrics as building blocks and create their contextual narrative about what was going on in their organization. The best part of this whole process was that it took less than a month and the cost of an analyst.

Jonathan Lydon

Head of Recruiting

“We have a very reactive set of challenges that we throw at the Eqtble team and they are able to effectively navigate and build around those challenges without us having to reinvent the wheel.  Without the Eqtble team's support we would never have been able continue to make well informed decisions through the migration process.”


Nuro has continued to expand the use of eqtble, saving hours of manual work - enabling their analysts and the broader team to focus on driving business decisions. Stories on attrition, headcount, hiring, and similar are used daily and deliver value for the team’s key stakeholders.