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Turn your HR analytics data into organizational change, with eqtble.
Set, track, and achieve your company’s DEI goals on the fastest platform of its kind.

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The future of work is eqtble. Visualize your company’s DEI. Transform your data audits, and monitor your goals through to completion.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

Drive progress with data. Lead your industry on DEI.

Automated Data Audits

Automated, accurate data processing. Get insights in weeks – not years.

Setting Goals

Choose your DEI and HR targets. We’ll help you track, monitor, and achieve them.

The fastest HR analytics platform available

Make decisions in the moments that matter. We build a visual data layer that gives real, actionable insights – faster than any other process currently available.
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Cut your waiting time by up to 94%

Get HR data insights faster

Decision makers don’t want to wait 2 years to get insights from HR data. eqtble conducts and delivers data audits in just 6 weeks, through a fully automated process.
Data drives change

Set, track and achieve goals

Be accountable. Deliver on promises. Empower your people through data-driven insight. eqtble lets you set and actively track the progress of each goal, with actionable insight on how to achieve them.
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Seamless integration with your HR tools

eqtble works with over 150 HR and human capital management systems, with no technical knowledge required. Plug in engagement, compensation, talent and workforce data, direct from the source. You won’t have to mess around with spreadsheets ever again.
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and many more!
and many more!
Our team

Created by pioneering HR analysts

We transformed HR analytics at some of the biggest organizations in the world. We’ve met the biggest challenges imaginable in human capital management – and we know how to solve them.
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Jennifer Wolf
“Important organizational issues like DEI or equitable compensation are not simply a box a company can check, they take honest commitment. . . . The eqtble team knows how to solve this, and they’re empowering other companies to do so.”
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