Streamlining Data Management and Gaining Confidence in Insights with eqtble

How Nuro Delivers People Insights With eqtble




Mountain View, California


Self-Driving Vehicles

Nuro, a tech startup based in the Bay Area, focuses on making autonomous electric delivery vehicles accessible to the masses. As with many startups, Nuro faced challenges in tracking and reconciling data as the company grew and evolved. This case study highlights how Nuro partnered with eqtble to clean, standardize, and organize their data, ultimately improving their reporting process and gaining more confidence in the insights generated from that data.

Before eqtble

As Nuro scaled and changed over time, they encountered difficulties in reconciling different areas of their organization. For example, they would label job requisitions differently over time, making it challenging to report on a department's recruiting activity across multiple years. This created a need for manual, compartmentalized reports based on timeframes, which was difficult to scale.

With eqtble

Nuro turned to eqtble for help with standardizing and organizing their data. Eqtble helped Nuro by:

  1. Cleaning and standardizing their data in a scalable way, without requiring manual labor and months of work.

  2. Refreshing historical data to ensure consistency from the company's inception to the present.

  3. Eliminating the need for mapping documents by going into the backend of Nuro's Applicant Tracking System and changing the data at the source.

  4. Increasing the confidence in the insights generated from the data, eliminating the need for Band-Aid solutions and manual data adjustments.


By partnering with eqtble, Nuro has experienced several significant benefits:

  1. Clean and consistent data, allowing for more accurate reporting and insights.

  2. Improved confidence in the data and insights generated, eliminating the need for qualifiers or asterisks in their reports.

  3. Customization abilities for crafting nuanced stories using unique metrics.

  4. A collaborative partnership with a team that understands Nuro's business and approaches problems as internal stakeholders.

Eqtble's partnership with Nuro demonstrates the significant impact data management can have on a growing company. By cleaning, standardizing, and organizing Nuro's data, eqtble enabled the startup to gain more confidence in their insights and streamline their reporting process. This partnership not only improved Nuro's data management but also fostered a strong collaborative relationship, allowing both parties to work together toward shared goals.

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