eqtble integration for Slack

‍eqtble integration for Slack - receive scheduled stories right in your Slack

Deliver Stories - Your data, delivered to you.

  • Receive the latest data stories and dashboards directly in your Slack channel or a specific Slack user.

  • Save time and effort by staying on top of your metrics without the need to switch between different tools.

  • The eqtble integration for Slack will automatically deliver story PDFs straight to your desired Slack channel or user.

‍Frequently Asked Questions

What is an integration for Slack?

Integrations for Slack help you work with other online tools and services without leaving your workspace. Choose from Slack’s integrations directory so you can add and use integrations to run custom and specific commands within your channels.

Are integrations for Slack free?

A free version of Slack lets you add up to 10 integrations. Meanwhile, there’s no limit to how many integrations you can have on Slack’s paid plans. Whether you have eqtble Core or Pro, you can integrate your account with Slack without any issues.

Who can use this integration?

Anyone with an eqtble account can use the integration for Slack, however, you need to have administrator privileges in eqtble to set up the eqtble integration for Slack. If you’re part of a Slack workspace, you will need to reach out to your Slack administrator to request the installation of the integration.

How can I start using the eqtble integration for Slack?

You will need eqtble administrator privileges to install the eqtble integration for Slack. For detailed instructions on how to install the Slack integration, head over to our Help Center.

Where can I view the eqtble privacy policy?

Click to view our privacy policy and data processing addendum

Need help? Contact us at to learn more about eqtble and get it integrated into your organization’s workflow.