July 18, 2022

Instantly receive curated insights from across your people tools

In speaking with various People leaders & analytics practitioners over the last couple of years, there was a recurring theme; there are multiple HR systems, and it takes tremendous amounts of time and resources to extract valuable insights.

This gap or lack of access to curated insights has led to unfavorable decisions, which has led to employee engagement issues or even attrition in many cases.

In my conversations, I asked the question: What if you could consolidate all your data from several sources into one system and can see an overview of your entire company in real-time?

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In listening to our current and potential customers' needs, we built a platform to enable companies to understand their employees with instantly curated insights across all their people tools.

There are three components of our product that we deem unique here at eqtble:

1. Internal and External Benchmarks

Comparing your internal metrics to external benchmarks shouldn't be the stuff of nightmares.

The current trend is companies buying $40,000 datasets to compare to their internal data; this shouldn't be the case.

Hence, our team at eqtble has built the ability to compare your company's data to external benchmarks all within our tool.

2. Speed to Insight

Let's face it, dashboards are DONE.

Too many charts cause visual overload and make it hard to find what you're looking for; this is why our team at eqtble built the 'ask the analyst' feature.

Our 'ask the analyst' feature lets you ask specific questions – and get real answers fast, based on our robust data models.

3. Data cleanliness

Many HR Analytics tools talk about the utopia of Machine Learning to help leaders make People decisions.

The issue is the machine learning model is only as good as the data input. Hence, garbage in equals garbage out.

We never want our customers to make decisions on inaccurate data, so we built a rule-based data health tool that captures errors in a company's data and lets them fix them in real-time.

People are companies' most important resource; hence our goal is to enable companies to make decisions about their people with instant access to curated insights.

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