HR Analytics

March 7, 2023

Eqtble 2.0: Transforming People Data to Enable Better Business Decisions

We are excited to announce the launch of eqtble 2.0: an intuitive tool to bridge the gap between People Data and Business Decisions. 

Since our launch in 2019, eqtble has helped hundreds of customers make sense of their HR metrics with a product that seamlessly integrates with existing HR systems. At the same time, we saw an opportunity to continue improving the consistency level in an organization’s metric definitions, as well as the ability to create and collaborate on metrics and stories.

Now we are taking our product a step further by aiming to become the platform of change in which we enable organizations to make decisions and take action with our tool's help. While traditional organizations would hire a team to pull these insights, our new solution allows customers to get from zero to full data transparency in less than six weeks for a fraction of the cost.

Our philosophy behind this redesign is to create an app that is empowering and accessible. From our design language to the execution of seemingly minor details like rounded chart edges and broader page structure for stories, our goal was to ensure flexibility and efficacy.

Introducing the Chart Builder: Quick and Easy Data Visualizations

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of the Chart Builder. Creating data visualizations is time-consuming and complex, especially because one has to take time to understand the data. With the Chart Builder, users can quickly generate beautiful and impactful charts based on their integrated HR Data.

Simplifying and Aligning Metrics Definitions Across the Organization

Our new Data Dictionary simplifies metrics definitions. It includes all the metrics accessible on our platform, making it easy to add them to stories without needing to search. Users can also add customized definitions to keep everyone in the organization up-to-date on metrics calculations. This change will foster alignment across the company, reducing the chances of incorrect data interpretation.

Easy Collaboration and Feedback in Real-time

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the addition of our Commenting feature modeled after the widely used Google Docs. With this new feature, users can leave text, audio, or video comments on stories, making it easy to collaborate with others and get feedback in real-time or async.

Enhanced Permissions: More Control over Data Access

In addition to these updates, we've enhanced our Permissions feature to give users more control over their data. Admins now have access to a front end to regulate data access in the platform. In addition to filtering data at the team or location level, users can hide data by row or column.

Timely Delivery of Stories and Usage Stats

We created a Slack Bot to deliver stories and usage stats directly to Slack, removing the need to go into the platform or email if there isn't a need. Our goal is to ensure stories and data reach the right people, timely, wherever they may be.

In today’s market, effectively managing people operations can be the difference between a thriving business and avoidable RIFs. With this new app, we're confident that eqtble is the best partner in accessing, aggregating, and analyzing HR data.

Startups can optimize hiring, businesses can effectively manage their hybrid workforce, and major corporations can restructure with confidence. We are confident that eqtble is the best partner in accessing, aggregating, and analyzing HR data. Sign up today and see the difference for yourself!

We are grateful for the journey!


Joseph Ifiegbu, Co-Founder & CEO