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Expert people analytics

Many teams lack the expertise or bandwidth needed to deliver actionable people metrics, which is why eqtble offers people analytics services combined with an easy to use platform.

Rather than your team spending countless hours on cleaning up data and delivering basic dashboards and reports, they can spend time doing research and driving initiatives that have a real effect on the business.

eqtble's team of people analytics experts can help with your data model, basic reporting, and even advanced analytics such as pay gap analysis, comp planning, or workforce analytics.
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Save 100's of hours on extracting insights from your systems

No need to hire engineers and analysts to wrangle your HR data to make sense of it. All your HR information is neatly organized in one place, accessible with a couple of clicks.
  • You own the data model
  • Managed ETL pipeline with a customization layer
  • Alerts and audits to prevent data errors from impacting analytics

Easy, no-code story creation

Using eqtble's no-code story builder you own the narrative. Create data stories by simply dragging and dropping insights and adding context as needed.

Pre-built story templates

Save time with eqtble's pre-built story templates to give you an instant overview of all your people analytics - from compensation comparisons to turnover trends.  You'll know what's going on in your company, before it's too late.
Image of eqtble's application for selecting a template

Seamless Integration with all your HR Tools

eqtble works with over 50 HR and human capital management systems, with no technical knowledge required. Plug in engagement, compensation, talent and workforce data, direct from the source. You won’t have to mess around with spreadsheets ever again.
Image of Jonathan Lydon, Head of Recruiting at Nuro

“We have a very reactive set of challenges that we throw at the eqtble team and they are able to effectively navigate and build around those challenges without us having to reinvent the wheel.  Without the eqtble team's support we would never have been able continue to make well informed decisions.”

Jonathan Lydon
Head of Recruiting at Nuro
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